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What is Coaching and FeedbackAI in PI Perform?
What is Coaching and FeedbackAI in PI Perform?

We'll walk through the options on our Coaching page: Kudos, Feedback, and 360 Reviews

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Continuous and candid feedback is essential to healthy company cultures and highly productive employees. PI Perform offers feedback in a variety of ways:

  • Kudos: Recognition for effort, attitude, and accomplishments of any size. The more public the better.

  • Feedback: Appreciating strengths and focusing on opportunities for development in a private, safe space.

  • 360 Reviews: Summarizing anonymous input from a manager, peers, and cross-departmental stakeholders to establish clear goals for career growth.

Kudos: Celebrate big or small wins in three easy steps.

  1. Select the team member (or multiple team members from a group workspace).

  2. Write or record your message. We encourage the fun of celebrating, so we recommend choosing an optional gif from the search menu.

  3. Select how publicly to share this. We know the value kudos have to building a positive work culture, so we recommend sharing these to a channel in Slack or MS Teams (more on this in the links). You can also choose to keep it visible to everyone on PI Perform or even private to a workspace.

Kudos will appear in both the sender's and recipient's profile page as well as in the appropriate workspace where teammates can emoji react as well as comment.

Feedback: Unlike Kudos, Feedback is private with one person. So once you select the person receiving feedback, we provide three options:

Note: We strongly encourage using the video recording feature for feedback to properly convey tone and vibe. It's not always easy to receive constructive feedback, so hearing it delivered sincerely goes a long way.

  1. We provide a simple Blank option when you already know exactly what you'd like say.

  2. Our most common template is Strength & Opportunities which contains research-based prompts of "I like that you..." and "I wish that you...". These have been proven to yield more focused, more actionable, and kinder feedback.

  3. We're especially excited to offer FeedbackAI. Following Strengths & Opportunities template, this leverages natural-language machine learning to provide recommended ways to phrase feedback in a professional way.

    We've heard from first-time managers and senior directors that this can be immensely helpful in providing feedback more often.

Whichever method you choose, once you submit your feedback for this one person it is kept within your 1:1 workspace to maintain privacy.

It's always a good time to give someone kudos - click here to do it right now 😄 !

For additional questions, please use this link to submit a ticket. Thanks!

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