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What is Meeting Mode in PI Perform?
What is Meeting Mode in PI Perform?

In this article, we'll walk through using Meeting Mode in a PI Perform workspace

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PI Perform's workspaces offer collaboration and accountability before-during-and-after a meeting.

Our Meeting Mode feature is the "during" element, allowing real-time sharing and contribution to meeting agendas. It is a guided meeting experience that helps you follow along and keep everyone in-sync, organized, and accountable during a meeting.

Here's how it works:

  • Attendees join Meeting Mode to participate on agendas in real-time

  • All meeting attendees can easily take notes & create followup action items as next steps

  • The final section of Meeting Mode is a review of all action items to align on priorities

  • Concluding the meeting with the "End Discussion" button sends all participants an email with a meeting summary

How does it look?

Meeting Mode changes the view of Discussion Topics in a workspace from this:

WorkPatterns workspace view

To this:

WorkPatterns Meeting Mode view

Pro tip:

Meeting Mode is perfect for Zoom meetings as way to maintain video contact with your teammates while also presenting the agenda.

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