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Comments for Discussion Topics and Action Items
Comments for Discussion Topics and Action Items

Meetings in PI Perform are more organized thanks to a dedicated place for notes, conversations, attachments, and more.

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Our comments window for Discussion Topics and Action Items is the best way to capture pre-meeting dialogue and live-meeting notes. But it doesn't stop there. We've refreshed the design to enhance context, history, file access, and integrations. Below we highlight these elements.

So where do I find and add comments?

You can find the comments button on the far right of a Discussion Topic or Action item:

Indicating the comments button on a WorkPatterns discussion topic

Or within Meeting Mode by selecting "View older notes":

Both new and historic comments are visible in WorkPatterns Meeting Mode

Let's start with an overview of what's in our updated comment view:

Key highlights of WorkPatterns' comments window
  1. The related Discussion Topic as well as who is owning that item on the agenda

  2. Easily attach files relevant to this topic

  3. Create and view follow up Action Items right from the comment window

  4. Toggle between comments or timestamps for the events related to this topic

  5. Finally the comment text which can be written or video (more on that below)

File sharing, integrations with cloud documents, and @name mentioning, make it easy to keep files and comments organized within topics.

Integrated document and direct messaging in WorkPatterns' comments

Sometimes it’s easier (and better) to say it than to type it. Our video feature allows users to send short recordings within comments - we even transcribe it for you.

Using WorkPatterns' video feature to record comments

Please not that you cannot delete other people's comments/notes.

Here's a screenshot illustrating this - You can see the edit and delete options appear for my own comments, but I cannot edit or remove Adam's comment.

These will remain visible to all parties in the workspace and will be archived with the topic.

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