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Meeting History and Completed Items
Meeting History and Completed Items

How can I see what was covered in previous meetings? What happens when an item is completed? Where do completed items go in my workspace?

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In every workspace there is a History tab to help refresh your memory about what was covered last time. Within this tab, we have meeting summaries of previous meeting agendas and tasks as well as a list of completed items for both topics and tasks as its own view.

"Wait - before you go on, what if I want to have a topic or task automatically recur every meeting?" We gotchu; please check out how to do this here.

For Meeting History, you'll have the option to view a snapshot of the agenda from any previous meeting in that workspace.

Meeting summaries show the most recent agenda and notes. And to view other meeting summaries we have a calendar view where a little dot on each past date indicates another summary is saved:

WorkPatterns meeting history view

PI Perform creates these snapshots automatically at the conclusion of Meeting Mode. We will also create one each Friday if there are no others from that week.

The "Completed Items" view is a more refined list showing all past discussion topics and action items that were marked as complete.

Within the History tab of a workspace:

We keep a rolling 14 days of completed history for free accounts, and unlimited for subscriptions.

💡 (Pro tip: You can use the quick search in the far upper left of the screen to locate keywords across ALL your workspaces, even including comments. This can be an easy way to find something that came up in any past meeting.)

Still have questions or need troubleshooting? Please use this link to submit a ticket. Thanks!

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