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How can I change my email notifications?
How can I change my email notifications?

From real-time to day-ahead planning, this article shows how to update notifications.

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Customize when and where you'd like to be notified of activities in PI Perform - in your email, web browser, and/or chat.

Each individual controls the emails from the notification settings (linked here) or navigate there in your Account Settings:

These are the default emails when first signing up for PI Perform:

customizing email notifications from WorkPatterns

Please note that some emails are system-based, such as trial expiring or changes to users on your account. These aren't part of the notification settings.


It's best practice to customize your notifications across your team's chat system such as Slack, MS Teams, or Google Chat as well as web browser notifications from your notifications settings (linked here).

When you first enable browser notifications from PI Perform, you'll see a pop-up modal in your browser. Select "allow" to proceed.

customizing Slack notifications for WorkPatterns

Still have questions or need troubleshooting? Please use this link to submit a ticket. Thanks.

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