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What does completing or revisiting topics mean?
What does completing or revisiting topics mean?

How to snooze, recur, and revisit topics in PI Perform

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During a meeting, you'll find that some topics need to be snoozed until a later day while others should be part of the agenda every time. This article will show you how to select when discussion topics appear in your PI Perform meeting.

  1. Click the "More options" menu (three dots) of a Discussion Topic and choose "Create recurring topic":

  2. This will open the comments panel where the updated revisit options are located:

  3. Clicking "Set schedule" allows you snooze a topic to return later or to set a topic to be part of the agenda at a specific cadence.

    • Snoozing will automatically complete a topic and set it to reopen on the specified date.

    • The other options will keep the topic on the open agenda for this meeting and then automatically reopen it as instructed.

  4. Once you've chosen how frequently you'd like a topic to reopen and return to your agenda, you'll see the setting shown under "Revisit". You can edit this by clicking it again:

    You'll also see the Revisit icon on the Discussion Topic in both the workspace view and in Meeting Mode:

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