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What's on your PI Perform Home page?
What's on your PI Perform Home page?

See your schedule, your action items, and suggestions in one view — organized so you know what matters most today.

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The Home page in PI Perform is the best overview of your day and your priorities in a single, comprehensive source.

🌟 Our tailored prompts remind you of upcoming meetings, to recognize your valued team members with kudos, and to check in on goal progress.

🌟 Integrate your calendar to view your day's schedule with 1-click navigation to relevant workspaces where you can add Discussion Topics to agendas (or even join Meeting Mode if it's already started 🕙)

🔘 We also organize your tasks from your personal to-do list as well as all of your meetings, displayed by urgency so you always know where to focus.

We've listed our most frequently viewed pages along the top row.

  • Need to see what your team members are working on? Team Action Items and SurfaceAI

  • Want to say "thanks" or recognize good work with a shoutout? Give Kudos

  • Have that thought you don't want to forget but also not disrupt someone with a DM? Add Item to any workspace with one click

Still have questions or need troubleshooting? Please use this link to submit a ticket. Thanks!

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