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Customize coaching & feedback for your team's performance culture
Customize coaching & feedback for your team's performance culture

PI Perform allows companies to customize the questions and format for giving employee feedback

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There is plenty of data and well-documented benefits for frequent, bite-sized employee feedback (for instance here and here). This is often called "continuous feedback", and PI Perform offers several options to enable team leaders to foster this virtuous habit.

Our most common template is Strength & Opportunities which contains research-based prompts of "I like that you..." and "I wish that you...". These have been proven to yield more focused, more actionable, and authentic feedback.

Note: We strongly encourage using the video recording feature for feedback to properly convey tone and vibe. It's not always easy to receive constructive feedback, so hearing it delivered sincerely goes a long way.

We're especially excited to offer FeedbackAI. Similar to our Strengths & Opportunities format, this feature leverages natural-language machine learning to provide recommended ways to phrase feedback in a professional way.

We've heard from first-time managers and senior directors that this can be immensely helpful in providing feedback more often.

For companies that already have a feedback format they'd like to bring to PI Perform as well as options for multiple choice and rating questions, we offer Custom Templates.

The questions can be formatted as open-ended short answers, rating questions with customizable values, or as simple as a GIF.

Whichever format you choose, once you submit your feedback for this one person it is kept within your 1:1 workspace to maintain privacy.

Still have questions or need troubleshooting? Please use this link to submit a ticket. Thanks.

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